Welcome to Mediocrity

Yes, I had to go and do it.

Why would a guy who doesn’t really matter in grand scheme of things go and start a blog? Maybe 280 characters is no longer enough. Maybe it is looking at political landscape and asking yourself “why not me?” Maybe it is narcissism that drives me. Who knows, but here I am.

Like the old proverb says, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” well that and shitty political hot takes.

This will be a companion to my Twitter feed, but expanding a little bit more on the Tweets. Think of it as a VH1’s Behind The Music, but only for my Tweets. By the way, that sounds way better than learning all about the 9th time Foghat tried to reunite.

Unlike most bloggers, I am not a 300 pound guy in my underwear in my mother’s basement, but rather a hairy 260 pound guy sitting in my underwear in my own basement. So let that mental picture stay with you. Let it sear in.

Be prepared for some profanity, snark, satire, and the odd poignant thought.

So here we go, my hat is fully in the ring.

And unlike Rebel Media, the tinfoil hat is optional.

You have been warned.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Mediocrity”

  1. “Meet change with open arms, but do not lose your standards.” Dalai Lama
    If you follow that advice i think you will have a huge success.

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  2. Irreverent, impertinent and at times irascible, you tell it like it is. I like those qualities in a blogger. Don’t give up your Twitter acct though. I like following you there and most times heartily agree with you.

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  3. There’s clearly no need to be nervous (though ironically that’s part of the appeal) because this is a very good start. I’m so glad you’re doing this; I’ve got so much to learn about Canadian/Ontario politics and your blog is a great addition–thanks and all the best! 🙂

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