I Dare The First Conservative Who Reads This To Make Fun Of Teachers.

My wife is a kindergarten teacher. You know, she prefers the term educator. My wife is an educator and I am damn proud of her. Her profession fills me with a level of pride that I have a hard time expressing.

I am not going to rehash what conservatives, or those who deride our public education system say about the teaching profession. At this point it is so cliche and stereotypical that it is comical. But not to my wife. I see a level of frustration and pain at being used as a straw man for conservatives. I see a proud person being hurt by those who can never understand the pressure that she experiences, or the pride and dedication to her profession that she feels.

They do not see the extra hours that she puts in looking for new ideas to engage her students.

They do not see the extra money she spends to ensure the classroom snack bin is filled so that no student goes without, or the extra money ensuring that her class is fully supplied.

They do not see the extra time she puts in reading with students who are having a hard time – after class.

They do not see the extra time and resources dedicated to professional development. Making sure that she is fully up to date in the newest developments in learning, or in self-regulation.

They do not see the stress and personal investment that she puts into each student, making sure that she finds a way to unlock the potential of each child in her class. It is a mission for her. She never views a student as problem, only a solution waiting to be found.

I am sick to death of watching politicians and those in the media selling this stereotype of the out of touch, and overpaid educator. How each time the government must fix a fiscal mess, they focus on cutting education first. I am sick of watching our Prime Minister be mocked for his former profession as an educator. There is NO profession in the world that has the ability to impact the development of our youth like education.

It’s not about unions, it is not about politics, it is not about collective bargaining – it is about the children. End of story.

Think about it. Nearly all of us have an educator who made a difference, who tried to reach out to you when you didn’t want to be reached, who made the effort when no one else would. We all have an educator who believed in us and helped us realize our potential. Well, my wife is that type of educator. The next conservative, or anyone who mocks educators or uses her as a surrogate to bash Justin Trudeau or Kathleen Wynne is going to have their a** kicked. I will not stand by and watch those who cannot understand the cost paid by my wife – or see the fact she is human being, take shots at her, or any educator.

You have been warned.

One thought on “I Dare The First Conservative Who Reads This To Make Fun Of Teachers.”

  1. I’m an educator too. I absolutely HATE it when dumb-ass cons think they’re being clever by making fun of Justin Trudeau for being, very briefly, a drama teacher. Every drama teacher I’ve ever worked with, without exception, was dedicated to students and went above and beyond for them.


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