Andrew Scheer Goes Full Rebel Media

Lets follow a string.

Andrew Scheer hired Hamish Marshall to be his campaign manager. First for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, in fact Andrew Scheer ran his campaign from the offices of Rebel Media and paid them money for advertising. Now, Hamish Marshall is running the national campaign of the CPC.

Hamish Marshall was a founder of the Rebel Media.

On January 29, 2017, at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City, a mosque in the Sainte-Foy, Alexandre Bissonnette entered this Mosque and murdered six worshipers, injuring nineteen others.

Within hours of the mass shooting, Rebel Media had registered the domain and was asking questions. Many of them were directed at the so-called mainstream media. They also started spreading conspiracy theories and tried selling an Islamic terror angle.

They were still pushing a second gun man theory debunked by law enforcement days later.

Today is the second anniversary of that terrorist attack. And guess how Andrew Scheer decided to mark the occasion?

He decided to spread a tweet sent by noted conspiracy theorist and Rebel Media fanboy, Manny Montenegrino, a disgraced former lawyer of Stephen Harper. The same Manny Montenegrino who was on the Rebel Media spreading conspiracy theories about the Danforth shooting.

Rather than calling for inclusivity, understanding, and memorializing those who were killed in Quebec City, on January 29th 2017, Andrew Scheer chose to share a conspiracy theory meant to dog whistle to his Rebel Media base. The same kind of misinformation and hate that lead to Alexandre Bissonnette murdering six men worshiping in a mosque.

This is who Andrew Scheer is, full Rebel Media.

***Update: 25 minutes after it was pointed out how disrespectful to the victims of the Quebec City Mosque shooting his tweet was, Andrew Scheer finally sent a memorial tweet out. Too little, too late.


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