Introducing (And Now For Something Completely Different)

I am so absolutely excited and proud to launch my very own website, Political Potshots!

It is less a culmination of a lifelong dream, and more a step into the the future. I have been writing blogs on various formats about politics for years, but I have never felt this focused on an idea.

I have felt for some time that mainstream media in Canada is failing us, and that I have felt underrepresented in news media for some time. Rather than complaining about this fact, I have decided to do something about it. I will try and amplify my voice and the voices of others, not to compete with mainstream journalism – but to ensure that the other sides are being told. I know that I am just a guy on Twitter but I have realized when you have something worthwhile to say, there will be an audience ready to listen. My goal is to find that audience.

There is a lot of noise in Canadian political media these days, but the static seems to be coming from journalists looking for sensationalism or to create controversy, for spinning every news story to an angle that finds scandal – even where none exists. Canadian journalists seem to be missing the story that is staring them right in the face. That we have a Conservative Party, or movement, in Canada that is sowing division and selling the politics of race and deceit. That the Conservative Party of Canada hired the founder of the Rebel Media who is using the very same techniques that developed Rebel Media to run a national political campaign. That this story isn’t being told has spurred me, and many other like minded people, into action.

I am no longer going to count on Canadian journalists or media to tell my story. I will tell my own story. Rather than using anger and fake outrage to try and convince others to see my point, I will state facts, I will shine a light on the truth through all of the noise and political misdirection being employed by spin doctors and pundits. I am looking to have a fair debate and conversation without gimmickry and without using memes. Just the facts, ma’am.

While I love politics – I also love music, art, movies, reading, popular culture, cold war nostalgia, and the oddities of life. This website will be a way for me to share those passions as well.

The other hope is to use this website to amplify other voices on the center/left side of the spectrum, other blogs, and to highlight the websites that deserve to be seen or heard. From politics, to music and art, to whatever passions we share – I will promote it. So please DM me on Twitter or contact me here, if you have something to share.

Thank you again to all of those who support me: from the many friends I have made on Twitter, to family and friends who have encouraged me, and especially to my amazing wife who has given the belief that I can do this. I will try not to embarrass myself, you, or our family.



  1. Hi Neil…Welcome to Progressive Bloggers. This is GREAT!!! The site has been looking a little worn and tired, but I’m sure you will contribute the energy and talent necessary to revitalize it. And just in time for the election campaign. Good luck and all the best…

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