To A Certain Someone Special

Please forgive me for waxing romantic. These things are always so much easier to write, instead of say.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Yes, we both make fun of Valentine’s Day (VD) Culture. But I cannot help it, I am a nostalgic fool.

To a beautiful and amazing woman on our soon to be anniversary. I wish that I could give you all the silver and gold that the world possesses, but you aren’t interested in that. You have always appreciated what comes from the heart, not the wallet.

I realize this isn’t our technical anniversary, but rather commemorating the first time we spoke, the first time we communicated – the pebble in the ocean that caused the tsunami.

The greatest things in life cannot be measured by what you have, but rather by who you surround yourself with and who you choose to make your stand with. With who you share your proverbial foxhole. To have someone who you know will have your back, no matter if you are right or wrong. Someone for who the vows “for richer or poorer, through good times and bad, in sickness and in health” are not just mere words, but a promise that you have kept.

I watch in awe the amount of love that you have to give, and the passion in which you live your life. The dedication that you show to your students and to the parents who entrust you with their children – it makes me fall in love with you over and over again every day.

I can talk about my life before you, the life I lived and the mistakes that I made, or in my regrets…or I can tell you about how my life changed the day we first met and when viewing myself through your eyes, I saw my best me. I saw happiness.

It has at times been a rocky road, and you were always patient with me while we adapted to life together. Love isn’t always easy, it can be hard and frustrating, but with you it is always worth it. Love goes further than saying that you love someone, it means rejoicing in the daily victories that we share in, it means comforting each other after the defeats life can throw your way. It means knowing when one is wrong and doing whatever you can to make it right, or at least admitting you are wrong. Love is holding on no matter what, and not letting go whatever storms come our way until the sunlight shines again.

So this year on our quasi-anniversary, instead of just telling you that I love you, and giving you gifts – I will also thank you. Thank you for reaching out to me all those years ago. Thank you for being an amazing partner. Thank you for making me a father, and for giving me a family I never thought that I would have.

Just thank you.

PS. I still say you could have done better.

PSS. I am still going to give you a lot of gifts.

PSSS. How cool is a woman who wears Chuck Taylor’s on her wedding day.


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