Andrew MacDougall: The Haze Runner

If you observe politics long enough, you will witness moments of pure political amnesia. Its almost as if the commentator/pundit forgets their own past in a moment of faux moral outrage meant to generate clicks, or set up their next serving of revisionist political pablum in Maclean’s, or the National Post, or to whoever they traded their political experience to for a spot on the journalistic high horse.

Case in point? Former Harper PMO Communications hack Andrew MacDougall. Watching the Conservative talking heads crow over the SNC-Lavalin story has been quite impressive – if only for the complete hypocrisy involving not only SNC-Lavalin, but ethical breaches from recent Conservative Party of Canada history.

Remember, Andrew ran communications for the Harper PMO just before the Duffy Affair exploded.

Fair take, if he wasn’t a former Harper PMO spokesperson.

It was far too rich. Here is his response.

I couldn’t help it. He made it so easy. I got to drop the hammer on him. Because all former politicos turned pundits have this arrogance that makes them forget their own ethical blind spots.

Of course, he attempted to mock me with the usual anonymity retort favoured by the intellectually bankrupt. Also, my response. Yes, I am anonymous – for many reasons that I have discussed.

It’s funny how Andrew MacDougall can dismiss my Twitter argument based on my anonymity, yet bases his whole argument about the ethics of the Trudeau government on an… anonymous source. Got it.

Then, he goes with a mindbogglingly horrible new strategy.

Really? Is he making the argument that since he once made a career spinning Conservative ethical sins/lapses as the director of communications for the Harper PMO, that he has the moral authority to judge the Trudeau government? Because if so? Andrew MacDougall may not have been very good at his job.

Spin on, MacDougie Howser, PMO, spin on.

Before the Conservatives start smiling those smug little smiles too soon, it turns out Andrew Scheer met with the SNC-Lavalin CEO over criminal charges too. As did other members of the Conservative Party of Canada caucus, as did Jagmeet Singh. In fact, Scheer discussed the “deferred prosecution agreement” sought by SNC-Lavalin to avoid criminal fraud and corruption charges.

Any day that Andrew Scheer doesn’t get lost in his own office, misspells his own name, falls down a flight of stairs on Parliament Hill, tears his pants while farting, or gets his head stuck in a honey jar is a successful day for the Conservative Party of Canada.


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