Who Is Andrew Scheer? Lesson #2

In the first lesson, we learned that Andrew Scheer is a regular guy. Well, maybe in his own mythology he is a regular guy. Like everything surrounding the Conservative Party of Canada, mythology never seems to match fact.

Now we have to move to more serious matters.

Normally, I would like to make a witty joke about Andrew Scheer, or find something funny to say but I do not find dishonesty and racism funny.

Andrew Scheer is a demonstrable liar.

It’s like he cannot help himself. Even the most innocuous facts become untruths in the mouth of Andy. For example:

Again. Why does he have to lie about these things? we can easily go to the Public accounts of Canada website and see that:

In 2017-18 the Canadian Government under Justin Trudeau:

Defence portfolio: spent $23.5B, Public debt charges: $21.9B

In fact, we can see that in 2014-15 the Harper Government spent more servicing the national debt than on defence spending:

Defence portfolio: spent $19.3B, Public debt charges: $26.6B

We can actually see the Harper Government spent more money per year servicing the national debt, than the Trudeau government has on average. That is besides the point.

How can we trust Andrew Scheer to be honest about the big issues a leader faces while in power, and international crises, when we cannot trust him to state numbers that can be easily debunked.

Numbers do not lie, people lie, and Andrew Scheer has told some whoppers.

That is shocking! Imagine if it was true. The study that Andrew Scheer uses, does not even agree with Andrew Scheer. I loathe to quote the Fraser Institute, but (a) The Fraser Report looks at all levels of government, not just federal and (b) the Fraser Report itself pegs the figure at 41%, Not 94%.

Andrew Scheer even lies when quoting a study created by a conservative astroturf organization. So either Andrew Scheer is being purposefully deceptive, or is incredibly stupid – according to Andrew Scheer’s math – it is all seven.

This was a lie so obvious, that Chris Alexander – as partisan Conservative as there is, and a former immigration minister for the Harper government, called Scheer out for his “‘factually incorrect’ statements on UN migration pact” which is diplomat speak for “liar, liar, pants on fire!”

Not only is it a lie, it is a willful attempt to racially inflame an issue that many Canadians do not understand. It is a dog-whistle to white supremacists and the far right. An attempt to out-Bernier Maxime Bernier.

Are we noticing a pattern here? These are three easy examples to find. Andrew Scheer has demonstrated an inability to tell the truth on even the most basic issues facing Canadians.

But it just isn’t about dishonesty.

This goes to the core of what leadership is. Leadership is about bringing people together, not purposefully creating division to score political points based on an untruth. That is an intentional abuse of power and influence.

Leadership is meant to educate, not to create confusion.

Leadership is admitting when you are wrong, not doubling down on a lie.

Leadership is meant to inspire, not instill fear.

Leadership is about creating policy that evolves with the new realities of the world in which we live, not falling back on the same failed policies of your predecessor.

Leadership is about being bold when the times call for it, not for staying deliberately opaque until a focus group tells you how to act.

These are all measures of leadership and honesty that Andrew Scheer fails. Every. Single. Time.


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