Guest Post By The Girl Who Waited: I Am Not Mad As Hell, I Am Just Tired Of Your Bullshit (Redux)

I am finished. I am done. I try to stay rational, but cannot stay quiet any longer.

I know some will try to dismiss me as yet another angry leftist woman – and if so? None of what I write further will matter to you, so hit the back button on your browser. The same goes for men triggered by an empowered woman. 

I am sick and tired of people who think that posting memes are constructive forms of debate.

I am sick and tired of people who are driven more by anger, than by the quest for knowledge and understanding an issue. Do you feel that only your anger is valid or that people in Alberta have a monopoly on anger?

I am sick of the men who think that they can control my uterus, or the body of my daughter. Being a rich, white man does not give you expertise about a woman’s body, or how it should be used. 

I am watching in horror as the province of Ontario dismantles the social safety net thread by thread in the name of finding enough efficiencies to justify a massive tax cut for the rich. Because we all know that is coming. Children are not efficiencies to found. The disabled, the sick, and the weak are not efficiencies to be sold to the private sector in the name of saving money.  

If you think that you are going to privatize the delivery of health care services in Ontario, Premier Ford, be ready for the fight of your political life, and be ready for the end of your political career in 2022. All you have accomplished is mobilizing every person that you have screwed, and will screw in the future – against you.

I cannot cater to the idiotic anymore. To those who think that reasoned debate is another phrase for the ‘elites’. I used to be someone who searched for consensus but no more. I am drawing a line in the sand. At one time I used to look to reach across the divide to find common ground. No longer. The only reason I will reach across the line in the sand is to throttle you. Metaphorically.

I am sick and tired of men who criticize strong women simply for having a vagina, a brain, and an opinion. And I am sick of women criticizing strong women like Catherine McKenna and Chrystia Freeland for being fearless in expressing their thoughts and opinions without filter. 

I am sick and tired of sexist and misogynistic homophobes who feel that its funny to feminize the name of our Prime Minister or for who pointing out the feminism of our current government is a cause for derision instead of celebration.

I am sick of catering to a Province who seems to forget that while they buoy us in times of boom that the rest of Canada carries them in time of bust. That without Canada they would not have access to the trade deals, and privileged access to certain markets because of what Canada has negotiated together.

I am sick and tired of an obvious point about the possible misogyny, sexism, sexual and physical danger of isolated and male dominated work camps being somehow turned into an insult to men and not the conversation that our broader society has to have about rape culture.

I am sick and tired of politicians who create a fake war on media to hide and distract from their lies and deceit. I am also shocked by the complicity of mainstream media in Canada to help sell this narrative. 

I am sick and tired of watching politicians like Andrew Scheer, who have lived in taxpayer funded housing for 8 years with a driver, chef, taxpayer provided nannies, and who likely haven’t had to pay an actual bill in years – claim to be the middle class or to know the plight of the middle class. 

I am sick and tired of watching the middle class be tricked into paying the cost of pollution by large corporations. Those of us who are too purposefully ignorant to understand what a revenue neutral carbon tax means or understand that the longer we wait to combat climate change the more expensive that it will be. You are allowing a political party with NO PLAN to criticize a political party who has a plan.

Do people not understand that the doomsday clock is counting down? And you are arguing about how we got here? That it isn’t your fault? Or how much time is left on the doomsday clock instead of realizing that we are here, the clock is counting down and the only way out is together and forward. Old ideas, dogmas, and political differences need to be set aside. Instead, the Conservatives are like idiots at the bar 15 seconds from New Year’s haggling over the prices of champagne.

It is time that we stopped looking for common ground with climate change deniers and carbon tax skeptics, and started looking for ways to move forward without them. They have no plan besides the status quo, or criticism for the sake of criticism. 

I am not going to stand idly by while rich white men who are stuck in the past get to determine the future. I am not going to let purposeful ignorance and deceit stand while truth is so easy to find. 

I am not going to stand by and let you ruin the futures of my children, grandchildren, and whoever comes after. Get out of my way or you will learn what fight like a girl means. And trust me, you won’t like it.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post By The Girl Who Waited: I Am Not Mad As Hell, I Am Just Tired Of Your Bullshit (Redux)”

  1. You’ve made clear what you’re sick of and what you’re no longer prepared to abide. I often share your frustration and anger. Now what? I’m from a place where many have gone to jail for standing up to oppose Mr. Trudeau’s “pipeline to tidewater.” Before long I may have my turn at a 28-day, all expenses paid vaca on the government’s dime in its lavish Greybar Hotel. I don’t know it will accomplish anything but I’m certain that nothing will be achieved by writing endless denunciations of these eastern pols and their duplicity.

    You’ve listed a number of legitimate, obvious grievances. At this point they don’t even require justification. You’re right. Now we’re at a point that Gar Alperovitz, cribbing a line from Trotsky (I believe) used as the title for his book, “What Then Must We Do?”

    As an environmentalist I can say, with complete conviction, that neoliberalism has turned into a malignancy that is ravaging our society, the social safety net, and the future of our grandkids and those who will follow them. Yet it’s hard to find a politician ready to break cleanly with neoliberalism. You’ll find no one in the ranks of the Conservatives. What is Doug Ford but a neoliberal with a mallet? Justin Trudeau is a committed neoliberal. Even the NDP wants perpetual, exponential growth, the beating heart of neoliberalism.

    So, what then must we do? Venting our anger and frustration is a good thing. If nothing else, we feel better sometimes. But is it enough?


  2. I’m triggered by empowered women. Triggered to punch my gay old white-guy fist in the air and shout, “Right on!” I’m with you 100%, I mean there is literally nothing in your post that doesn’t accurately express my rage and sorrow.

    “I am sick and tired of an obvious point about the possible misogyny, sexism, sexual and physical danger of isolated and male dominated work camps being somehow turned into an insult to men and not the conversation that our broader society has to have about rape culture.”

    Wading through the overflowing john of toxic hate that Twitter has become, I, too, felt the need to push back hard against that particular thread – the thread that walks hand in hand with “this is why you don’t put a DRAMA TEACHER in charge of a country.” The not-so-subtle dog whistle, of course, being that no REAL MAN would teach, let alone teach drama, or worry about male-dominated work camps, or call himself a feminist. My sexual identity is an insult, and why is that? Because gay men are considered by straight men to be like WOMEN.

    That’s only a drop of disrespect compared to what women have endured and continue to endure, because as a gay man I can “choose” to be invisible (and live a life of guilt, shame and fear – the little black dress, pearls and pumps that are the “goes anywhere” fall back outfit of internalized homophobia).

    What is it with us progressives / liberals? Is tolerance a losers’ game? I refuse to believe it. But we don’t speak up enough. We don’t push back enough. Every time I see the words “politically correct” or Social Justice Warrior”, I push back against those silencers of debate And when someone argues about the sacrosanct “right to free speech” of bona fide, card-carrying white supremacists and Nazis – that’s where I draw my line in the sand.

    I’m afraid because of Doug Ford. I’m afraid of what he normalizes and enables; and that, combined with the natural diffidence of Canadians is cause for serious concern.

    A new awareness of intersectionality teaches us that everyone needs to examine how they oppress as well as how they suffer oppression. Gay men have always been outsiders and beyond the pale, “abnormal, deviant;” women’s oppression has occurred in a dissonant space where they are “normal” yet “inferior”. In your post I recognize a particular tone: The righteous and rightful anger of someone who no longer has anything to lose.

    In solidarity,

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  3. Yes! Well said!!!! I agree with you. And venting is not enough. We must not allow ourselves to be muted, discredited, demeaned or controlled any longer. The entire political system is unfriendly to women. From the schedule of elected work to the armies of misogynist trolls ready to threaten and intimidate, the system favours men. Yet, for the survival of the planet, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, we must not be deterred. We must not only speak up, but we need to push forward an agenda of equity, fairness, inclusiveness, evidence-based policy, and environmentally intelligent legislation. The old boys club has run the world for a very long time. And they have screwed it up. It’s up to us, as usual, to clean up the mess.

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