The Nothingburger Scandal And The Amazing Technicolor Dream World Of The Canadian Conservative

First, here are a few thoughts from Jody Wilson-Raybould’s committee testimony and the aftermath.

  1. What Jody Wilson-Raybould and Justin Trudeau are both saying could likely be true. They do not have to be mutually exclusive.
  2. We know now that Jody Wilson-Raybould is likely responsible for the leak, or had a part to play in the leak.
  3. Andrew Scheer should never be anywhere near the Prime Minister’s Office, and Canadians know it. If the Liberal Party and the PMO can learn from its errors and move on, this will remain a blip on the radar – despite the media scandal mongering.
  4. This is a wholly self inflicted wound by the Trudeau PMO. They should have been in control of the message sooner, and could have been more clear from the outset. There was no illegality. This is a political issue, not a legal one – a sentiment echoed by Jody Wilson-Raybould herself during testimony.
  5. If I could offer one piece of advice to Justin Trudeau? You cannot fight a biased media that has manufactured this scandal, it is time to turn your attention to the people of Canada – speak directly to us, continue to champion us, make these last few months count. Take the fight directly to Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada by highlighting what sets you apart, and how the Canadian economy has improved under the Liberals. The horrific record of the Conservatives under Andrew Scheer and Stephen Harper speaks for itself.
  6. Canadians saw behind the curtain this week. They saw how the sausage was made and did not like it. This is how politics is done in Canada, by all parties and all governments. No one is going to fix a system that they all benefit from, unless we force the change.
  7. Jody Wilson-Raybould failed Canadians as attorney general. If she felt that pressure exceeded Shawcross thresholds, she had a responsibility to resign. Full stop. She stayed as AG until she was shuffled out. The Shawcross Doctrine is clear in this, despite the spin from Canada’s political pundit class. She accepted another Cabinet position after being shuffled out of the Justice post.
  8. I do not feel that Jody Wilson-Raybould was an effective Justice Minister. Criticizing her record does not make a misogynist or racist. She had a poor record. I thought so long before she was shuffled out of the post, and long before the SNC-Lavalin story broke. I am not the only one, see here, here, and this amazing thread.

Imagine a world where you could say everything into a vacuum, forgetting your own failings and your own recent past. Like Lisa Raitt – who loves throwing around the phrase “fake feminist” without remembering her pathetic record on Women’s Issues as a Harper cabinet minister.

Let’s look at Lisa’s greatest hits:

  • Under Lisa’s government, Canada fell from #1 in the world for gender equality to #18 in 2011.
  • Canada’s gender pay gap was the world’s seventh best in 2004, but dropped to 25th place by 2009.
  • Lisa Raitt voted against pay equity for women.
  • The Harper Government Harper government closed 12 of 16 Status of Women regional offices, and cut its budget by 34%
  • It also cut funding for over 41 women’s organizations. These include women’s shelters, advocates for women’s health, equality and security.
  • Cancelled funding for legal challenges to enforce the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. – removed the word “equality” from Status of Women Canada’s departmental mandate.
  • Cut a national childcare program negotiated with the provinces for $100 a month payment.
  • In December of 2014, Stephen Harper said that missing and murdered indigenous women “isn’t really high on our radar, to be honest.”
  • In May of 2015, your government voted against Motion-444, a call to take steps to address violence against women.
  • In 2009, the CPC passed the Public Sector Equitable Compensation Act. The change meant female public servants were actually barred from complaining to the Human Rights Commission about job pay inequity.

Here is Lisa Raitt saying the women in the Trudeau Cabinet, including Jody Wilson-Raybould, were nothing but quotas.

Here is Lisa Raitt calling Jody Wilson-Raybould a liar in the House of Commons

Lisa Raitt is no feminist and has done more to set back the progress of young Canadian women, like my daughter, than almost any other politician in Canadian history. She is a gender traitor and a Stepford Conservative.

Can anyone explain the collective amnesia surrounding the Conservative Party of Canada and an a real scandal involving actual illegality? Remember the Wright/Duffy Affair? When the RCMP recommended that these criminal charges could be brought against Nigel Wright, but none ever were.

  • Receiving Prohibited Compensation – Section 16 of Parliament of Canada Act
  • Breach of Trust – Section 122 of the Criminal Code
  • Frauds on the Government – Section 121 of the Criminal Code;
  • Bribery of a Judicial Officer – Section 119 of the Criminal Code.

This is what an actual scandal looks like. The Conservative Party of Canada lives in technicolor dream world.



  1. This is a media-driven issue. Canadians are having one line of questions / observations rammed down our throats by the likes of National Post (owned by an American VC company and desperate for funds now that Harper’s propaganda machine stopped spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising useless programs).
    Glad to see you’re part of a growing bloggers that’s OK to ask the tougher questions about the political motivations of all actors in this situation and also Scheer’s disgusting alignment with Neon Nazis across the country.
    NOTE: what will happen to the credibility of JWR’s testimony if she crosses the floor and joins the Cons?

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  2. I am so sick to death of the media–they’d happily watch the world burn if it meant getting clicks and views. This whole situation is ridiculous. If she had really felt so pressure, she should have resigned at the time, instead of waiting until her ego got bruised. I’m sure the media will continue to support the Cons until someone gets killed, but even though that actually happened in the U.S., it still hasn’t made any difference there.


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