The Leak Came From The PMO (And Other Lies Coming From Canadian Media)

This feels way too convenient to me. Every instinct in my body tells me that the Glenn Joyal leak came from either someone close to Jody Wilson-Raybould – either a former staffer, or from someone inside of her circle.

  1. The issues surrounding the Glenn Joyal appointment to the SCC were known to many people in both Justice Ministry and PMO, as well as outside. Jody Wilson-Raybould had four chiefs of staff. There are many people who would have known, many of whom would have had an ax to grind.
  2. Who does this leak/story benefit? Who does it make look bad?
  3. No professional comms person would ever leak the same story to two news organizations. Neither organization would ever trust you again. It is a small community, and word would get out. This leak would have been made by someone outside of the media apparatus.
  4. Do you think that anyone in the PMO would think that this was a good idea? There is no one who is in the inner circle of Justin Trudeau who would have found benefit in this. To believe otherwise requires a suspension of logic. No comms. person employed in any official government role would have touched this leak with a ten foot pole.
  5. Look at how quickly the journalists with a vested interest in the SNC-Lavalin story blamed the PMO. They did so without a source, without any proof. It was calculated and prepared. Almost like they were warned in advance. I am still waiting for David Akin, Robert Fife, Andrew Coyne, Chris Selley, etc. to provide anything beyond assumptions, rumour, and conjecture linking this leak to the PMO.
  6. How quickly did the counter story explaining the actions of Jody Wilson-Raybould appear in the Globe and Mail? It almost makes it feel planned, like there is a strategy to this. Also, can someone explain how Jody Wilson-Raybould giving insight into the SCC appointments process is now acceptable? And how it is taken without any skepticism?
  7. Has any journalist asked Jody Wilson-Raybould or Jane Philpott – or people surrounding them, if they are responsible for the leak?
  8. Nothing about this passes the smell test. Media was so quick to jump on linking the leak to the PMO, and no one has convinced me that it was the PMO. No one in media was willing to even consider that it was someone outside of the PMO. and outside of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s circle. There has been zero discussion of an alternative source. It was an immediate media trial and conviction.

Yet another massive failure by the usual suspects in Canadian journalism who are all in on selling the SNC Lavalin scandal narrative.

We are being played for fools.

I am tired of attacking Canadian journalism, but this is journalistic malpractice of the highest degree – and who is speaking for us?

There is zero accountability in Canadian journalism today, and I feel that we have reached a tipping point in regards to trust in media.

Here is our objective media:

Tried and convicted,

3 thoughts on “The Leak Came From The PMO (And Other Lies Coming From Canadian Media)”

  1. I have been saying this for days. No proof but lots of inuendo which is not my idea of good journalism. Feeding off the Con bots and their friends the NDP.

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  2. Hyperbole and innuendo have been the order of the day since the 80’s. It’s so bad now that newspapers run advertising on the front page because there is more truth in an ad than a front page sensational story.

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  3. It’s time for media to call out their own. Of course they won’t; journalists tend to circle the wagons when they are caught propagandizing. Our media is largely conservative, with the NP and G&M full of Conservative cheerleaders. Trudeau has brought out the worst in journos (including an endlessly self-promoting and dubious Progressive Blogger), where speculation replaces fact and premature guilty verdicts are handed out instead of objective reportage and/or balanced opinions. We don’t know the facts about this whole sordid affair but what we do know that our media is not doing its job in a truthful, honest or fair manner. It’s too bad there aren’t enough fact checkers in our media to keep journalists like Ibbitson, Selley, Akin et al. honest.

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