73+ Reasons Why I March Against Doug Ford (Guest Post By The Girl Who Waited)

Doug Ford and his Conservative Government:

  1. Cancelled Ontario’s cap-and-trade system, that cost $3 billion in lost revenue according to Ontario’s fiscal watchdog.
  2. Fired Privatization Officer, Ed Clark.
  3. Fired Environment Commissioner, Dianne Saxe.
  4. Fired Chief scientist, Molly Shoichet.
  5. Fired Chief Investment Officer, Allan O’Dette.
  6. Refused assistance to Toronto for asylum seekers.
  7. Cancelled law would have made it illegal for re-sellers, or scalpers, to sell tickets for live music and sporting events above 50 per cent of their face value.
  8. Cancelled Bill 175, The Safer Ontario Act and replaced with legislation that reduced police oversight and narrows the scope of the province’s police watchdogs.
  9. Cabinet delayed rule that would have required doctors and nurses to report all immunizations they give to children.
  10. Cancelled the rebate program for buyers of electric and hydrogen vehicles.
  11. Cancelled a $100-million fund earmarked for school repairs.
  12. Cancelled 758 renewable energy contracts, the WPD Canada windmills project cancellation could cost more than $100 million in cancellation costs alone.
  13. Cancelled Ontario’s updated sexual education curriculum, replaces it with a 20+ year old curriculum.
  14. Cancelled a project to update provincial curriculum documents with Indigenous content recommended by Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).
  15. Cuts Toronto City council in half.
  16. Cancelled the Basic Income Pilot program, a fully costed and funded pilot project before any data could actually be compiled to determine the success of the pilot project.
  17. Scrapped $1/hour minimum wage increase scheduled for January 1st 2019
  18. Cancelled 3% increase for Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) recipients, while changing the definition for what constitutes a disability – making it harder to receive benefits.
  19. Cuts to allowances such as the guide dog benefit for people with vision impairments and the advanced age allowance for people who are older.
  20. Cancelled a change to the definition of “spouse” from three months co-habitation to three years for ODSP and OW recipients.
  21. Cancelled increased support to ODSP and OW recipients living in Northern Ontario, where daily living costs are higher.
  22. Cancelled OHIP+ coverage to children, teens and young adults with private health benefits.
  23. Cancelled provincial funding for social housing repairs and energy retrofits.  
  24. Cancelled the opening and construction of new overdose-prevention sites, safe injection sites.
  25. Launched taxpayer funded “Buck-A-Beer” initiative that has been abandoned by all brewers except for one.
  26. Launched Ontario News Now, a taxpayer funded propaganda service, while limiting access to Ontario journalists.
  27. Cancelled $500,000 Toronto program that provides arts and social development programming for at-risk youth.
  28. Slashed $25 million in funding for specialized programs and initiatives for at-risk youth, including an after-school program run by teens in low-income areas.
  29. Scrapped a cap last that limited provincial funding for private child-care companies.
  30. Cut $22.7-million in new money earmarked for fee subsidies for low-income families.
  31. Cut $335M in planned spending on mental health in 2019, and $1.3B over four years.
  32. Enacted “snitch lines” to report teachers who teach the repealed updated sexual education curriculum. 
  33. Changed the Ontario legislature’s rules of procedure. These rules changes have restricted when opposition parties get to put forward motions, and has reduced how much debate must take place before a bill goes to a final vote.
  34. Governance deficiency and interference results in downgrade of Hydro One credit rating, resulting in higher debt costs.
  35. Invoked Section 33 (Notwithstanding Clause) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the 1st time in Ontario.
  36. Delayed rigid restrictions on where people can vape and how e-cigarettes and related products can be marketed and sold in stores.
  37. Passed back-to-work legislation, forcibly ending the CUPE 3903 strike at York University.
  38. Cancelled proposals issued by provincial regulators ban deferred sales charges on mutual funds, and stop online brokers from collecting advice-related commissions on mutual funds they sell to clients. 
  39. Moody’s and Fitch have revised their rating outlook for Ontario’s debt from stable to negative, reflecting their assessment of the province’s increased credit risk, and lowered revenues.
  40. Cut funding to Anti-Racism Directorate and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Office.
  41. Ended the unfunded liability of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), with little to no explanation or oversight. 30% premium rate reduction for employers, leading to less money for injured workers.
  42. Ends Drive Clean program.
  43. Uploading TTC Subways to Province.
  44. Repealed Bill 148,  “The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act”, which provided Ontario’s workers with new protections against predatory scheduling, and contained provisions which included an increase in the minimum wage to $15/hour, equal pay for part-time and casual workers, guaranteed vacation days, protections for workers who required days off due to sexual assault and domestic violence, protection for temp agency workers as well as many other rights. 
  45. Repealed Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth Act, 2007, and closed the Ontario Child Advocate’s Office.
  46. Paused the parents reaching out program – funding for parent councils for schools including breakfast programs and assisting with tutoring.
  47. Ford government broke its election promise to build a French-language university, and axed the office of the French-language services commissioner.
  48. Scrapped Ontario College of Trades that was established in 2009 to administer skilled trades apprenticeships, ensure high-quality work, and enforce licencing requirements. 
  49. Cancelled rent control for new (as in previously unoccupied or rented) housing units. 
  50. Disbanded the Round Table on Violence Against Women, and delay critically needed funding to sexual-assault crisis centers in Ontario.
  51. Merged the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario into the auditor general’s office in an effort to cut costs.
  52. Attempted to appoint family friend, Ron Taverner as OPP Commissioner.
  53. Cancelled a planned surtax on some of the highest earning Ontarians proposed by the previous Liberal government in its last budget that would have generated $275 million in revenue.
  54. Scraped legislation that aims to regulate the price of electricity for more than 325,000 hydro customers in Ontario.
  55. Overruled Hydro One Board’s selection for CEO.
  56. Cancelled the Biwaase’aa program – a service designed to address child poverty issues by increasing life skills of Indigenous youth.
  57. Appealing a landmark ruling on treaty annuities, the Ontario Superior Court ruled in December 2018 that annuity payments from the Robinson-Huron and Robinson-Superior treaties signed in 1850 were not frozen in time.

  58. The Ontario government’s chief accountant Cindy Veinot, resigned earlier this fall because she refused to sign off on Ontario government’s inflated $15 billion deficit.

  59. Ended co-operation with Ottawa on resettlement of asylum seekers.

  60. Cut all funding for the College of Midwives.

  61. Cut funding for Indigenous Cultural Fund.
  62. Slashed funding for Ontario Arts Council.
  63. Free speech campus initiatives will lead to increased hate speech, and organizations that promote hate speech.
  64. Limits grants for post secondary education, reduces tuition by placing cost on universities and colleges.
  65. Ends the gap time for repayment of student loans.
  66. Removed electric vehicle chargers from GO station parking lots.
  67. Considers removing caps on kindergarten, primary class sizes.
  68. Boosting class sizes starting in Grade 4 through to Grade 12.
  69. $1.4B in cuts to Ontario’s public education system. 
  70. Costs HydroOne $136M in termination fees in regulator cancelled merger with $4.4B Avista and $49M in lost commissions as a direct result of Doug Ford’s direct meddling in Hydro One.
  71. The gravy van.
  72. Inhumane cuts and changes announced to Ontario Autism Program, and complete bungling in roll out of program.
  73. ONTABA threatened by MacLeod to provide a quote of support for the government’s updated Ontario Autism Program.

I can keep going. I really can, I am just too angry to keep going. There is an ingrained cruelty in Doug Ford’s ”Government For The People”, an ideological hatred of the poor, students, teachers, and unions. Cuts to OSAP, and tuition grant programs that benefit low income Ontarians. I see a government of bullies who is picking the low hanging fruit and the usual convenient conservative straw men in which to demonize.

So I march.

I march for my children, I march for the children I teach, I march for my fellow educators, I march for the educational workers and support staff whose work often goes overlooked. I march for the parents of children of autism, I march for children with autism. I march for my fellow union brothers and sisters in public service, education, health care. I march for those who access social services. I march for those who look for basic humanity and decency from our elected officials.

I will continue to march.

This is leading to a general strike. It is time to shut this government down if it continues to ignore the will of the people that it claims to be for.

Do you hear us Doug Ford?

(note: There have been many people, publications, and journalists who have been compiling lists of Doug Ford cuts that I leaned on heavily in writing my list. My list is the items that I focus on, what is most important to me. Here is a great tracker for his cuts)

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