On Anonymity and Neil Before Zod Sells Out!

This is the type of post that I usually criticize others for. The self congratulatory and self promoting media round up has now come to Political Potshots.

It reminds me of that joke; I was approached by a woman in Walmart the other day who told me that if I promoted Tide Pods on my Twitter feed she would pay me $100 dollars a Tweet. I told her that there is no way that I would dirty my Twitter feed with such obvious advertising. That would be the type of dirt that can only be cleaned by Tide Pods, now on sale at Walmart!

I am happy to announce that I am now contributing my unique brand of political opinion pieces at the Toronto Guardian.

These are my first three contributions. Please read and share. I need the attention and validation.

My archive for the Toronto Guardian can be found here.

In addition to the writing, I will also be co-hosting the Canadian Politique Podcast, where I will be sparking joy with Cameron and Mike.

Help us all.

I have recently found out information that reinforces my decision to remain anonymous on social media.

On anonymity. Yes, Neil is my name and this, my last name is of no one else’s concern. I have valid reasons for my anonymity – such as professional reasons. I work in an environment where my outspoken political views may get me in trouble.

After receiving threats of violence and worse from white supremacists, conservatives, and those who do not appreciate my activism – my anonymity is also for the safety of my family and for myself. This is the only way I can remain active and secure.

Dismissing the opinions of those who are anonymous on Twitter and the blogosphere is intellectually weak, and an antiquated way of thinking. For me, the facts and intellectual weight of the statement/opinion/tweet is the key, not a name I may not know. That isn’t how I judge others here. If you tweet under your name or have the level of personal/professional security that allows you to – congratulations. But using your real name doesn’t guarantee that your opinions are anymore valid or substantial than those who choose to hide their identity.


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