The Twitter King?

When I joined twitter. It was due to its influence on our political climate. I felt it was being manipulated by one voice. One of which was not mine or millions of others, it was a platform that was in extinction, brought back to life by politics.

I activated an account to observe and to share my wit, but it became so much more – a platform to share my voice, my family’s voice. Those that know me as a true advocate of Canadians, Government and the Charter of Rights.

Yes, I can be hypocritical in my negative response to misleading and outright lies. This is referred to as reactive abuse. It is the mind’s way of reacting to an abuser (speak the same language). But know one thing, I have never intentionally defamed another.

For sometime, I have seriously been considering sharing my identity. In this political climate, it is terrifying. I mostly feared for my wife and daughters safety by doing so. A valid concern. My name, my voice, my terms. Those scared of my hidden identity, used it to their advantage. No more.

I have been talking to friends and family about anonymity and what it means, and why anonymity was important to me. It is not like I was hiding, that is my picture and my first name. Those who appear on my podcast and invite me on theirs do so because it’s apparent that I am a real person. What is a name anyways? 

Never did I do this thinking or knowing how popular my account would be. Never did I create this account with a secret agenda. I hid certain aspects of my life due to my need to remain anonymous, but I have been more than honest with my political criticism, to a fault. I have even crossed lines that I have set for those I oppose. I am imperfect. I knew this day would come, and now I get to live with the added fear of those who have threatened me on and my family with bodily harm on social media and elsewhere – showing up at my door.

I have always hidden my employment, I have never stated if I worked for a private contractor or third party provider, when, or where. I do not disclose this out of a need to remain anonymous and keep those I care for out of harm’s way because that is why I am politically active. There are those actively trying to trample on my right to privacy as we speak.

I joined Twitter in April 2016, I have not been a federal civil servant since that time. No one is mentioning that simple fact. I guess facts do not matter when trampling on my rights to free speech and free expression is your only goal.

I am passionate, I want to build a better Canada for my children and those come after. I am intemperate, I say things I sometimes later regret, I use foul language. I never intended to have a following or become a voice – but here I am.  I can tweet and write about politics with a clear conscience because I speak from the heart. 

I have seen so many valid Twitter accounts be forced off Twitter through fear of being doxxed. I feel the need to take the power back. To give a voice to those who do not have one or have the platform that I do. I am so thankful to this platform, you have helped me find my voice and I promise to use that voice to yell for you. I try to bring light into the darkness that permeates Conservative Twitter. To bring logic, humour, snark, attitude to a debate that sorely lacks those attributes. 

We have been betrayed by Stephen Harper, we are now once again being  betrayed by Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada. I will not stay out of this fight. You are all stuck with me.

My name is Neil Waytowich. I endorse this message.

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Neil Waytowich

I'm the best Neil Waytowich in the Kawarthas. @TORGuardian contributor, political podcaster, Tweet about #cdnpoli with snark and satire.

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12 thoughts on “The Twitter King?”

  1. Good for you and keep fighting to good fight! My name is Scott Harradine and I ‘endorse’ Neil Watowich to ‘carry on’!

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  2. Good job! Twitter is indeed a strange animal. I am sorry that you weren’t able to lift the veil of anonymity on your own terms, but hope that you find the openness freeing in the end.
    As someone who was one of your early followers, I plan on showing up at your front door with a case of beer for a BBQ the next time I’m in the neighbourhood!

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  3. Nice to meet you again ;). I still stand with you. My name is Lisa Whyte and although I still need to hide aspects of my identity……..let’s give them a fight they won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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  4. I don’t want anyone to know who I am, so keep it hush but I wish you all the best, don’t forget I might be on the same page at times

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  5. Hi Neil. I have been following your posts for a few months and enjoyed reading them.. we all get angry and say things we would like to take back but to threaten you or your family is way out of line. You have now stepped totally into the light hopefully it doesn’t bring darkness. There are lots of us here.on the twitterverse who support you and what you are trying to do.

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